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Re: Your mechanic

Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael Moy say:
> Hello Andrew,
> In a previous post, you mentioned that you use the East Hollis Shell station.
> I recall getting a flyer from them a few years ago stating that they were now
> doing Audi's. I've been using Maffee's (they're affiliated with Northern
> Foreign Auto Parts) for about two years and have been reasonably pleased.
> The Shell station might be a little more convenient though. In general, do they
> specialize in Audi's and can they handle things like alignments, timing belts,
> bushings, etc? How are they for scheduling? Can you drop in to have something
> looked at or do you have to schedule?

They are Audi/VW specialists, although they do some generic work
on most cars, too. The owner, Mike Letizia is the former service
manager from Park Audi in Lawrence. He hated the dealer, so he left
to open his own business. He took one of his chief mechanics, Neil,
with him. Neil is a certified Master Audi Mechanic, and is quite good.
They aren't afraid to poke around and actually diagnose a problem.
They also handle brought-in parts, and know about some of our
discount parts places (Shokan, etc.).

I have had them do lots of work on my two cars. They do not do
body work (but have some recommendations), nor tires/wheels/related
stuff (no equipment). This probably includes alignments - the machine
for that is big.

I suggest making an appointment; they get pretty busy sometimes.
Mention my name, and this list. He knows about us.


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