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Re: Chips

> Have the IA stage II and will attest to Ned's knowlege of the q computers,
> expensive, but worth the peace of mind...  Watch that Hypertech in Canada,
> not good stories for me to tell...  if the eurocam 296 is indeed a 296 watch
> out, i tried the 276 from schrick and found it great, but way up in the
> band...  Happy and settled on the Schrick 272 with one cam tooth adv, full
> boost at 3krpm.  The schrick is available in the $300-400 range
> Scott
> 87 5ktqRS2    320hp
> 86 5ktq stock
Remember, Chuck's got a solid-lifter head, while Scott's are hydraulic.  Has 
anyone done a similar test with a Schrick solid lifter cam and the 1-tooth 

Steve Buchholz