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Re: In search of a SunPro Meter...

   I found a SunPro CP 7678 at a local  AutoZone (I think) for about $100.  The CP7678 

   Dwell (4,5,6, & 8 Cylinders)
   Duty Cycle
   Tach (4,5,6, and 8) 

   It does *not* have the capability to measure milli-voltage accurately below about 100 

I beg to differ with you!

My 7678 has 200V, 20V, 2V, and *200mv* DC voltage ranges. In comparisons
against my zillion-dollar Simpson, on DC volts and resistance, the SunPro
was within 1% always (tends to read about 2-5 "count" high on the lowest
digit, i.e., 13.83V on SunPro, 13.79V on Simpson). Assuming you toss out
the low-order digit, you have resolution to 1 millivolt -- good for testing
out grounds vs Battery Negative terminal!).

What the 7678 does NOT have that keeps it from being *the* all-round handy
dandy tester is *AC* voltage ranges.