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Re: summer tires

>I currently have Michelin MXV3 tires on my quattro (Pilot HX).  Ive been
>made aware that these are summer tires, which would explain why I cant brake
>worth a dam, or negotiate trivial corners with out losing my tail end.
I found the mxv3 (H) to be incedibly poor in performance (for all conditions)
on my wife's 200Q.  I replaced them with RE-71 Potenzas (V) as my summer
tire and was thoroughly satisfied with the difference.  In all likelihood 
you will 
be receiving other votes for

        a) Comp T/As (V)(H)
        b) Dunlop D40 or D60 (V)(H)
        c) Eagle GA (H)

and they are all probably better than mxv3s.  The mxv4s are oem on a few 
cars lately, so they are probably not too bad, but I haven't anything about
them yet.

>Btw - is there a lot of performance difference between summer tires and
>all-season tires in the dry roads?  Im considering keeping the summers, as our
>winter is soon over and investing in snows next season.

Many get by with all-seasons.  Unless you often drive in extreme conditions
you may only experience the difference in 10% of your driving.

jim h 
>94 Sport Quattro