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Silly Season?

All of this stuff about chips is getting crazy!  Not that I'm disinterested 
in making the right decision myself ... What we should do is to post exactly
which car or cars that we are looking to upgrade and which source is prefer-
red.  I'm wondering if we got a critical mass if we couldn't even talk the 
almighty Nedster down a little on his stuff.

I'd also like to get some first-hand reports on the available products.  
Tomas is preparing some info on Al Solaroli's Hypertech (who is apparently 
disturbed by what is being discussed on the net).  Steve has been in contact 
with TAP, but I beieve that TQCs are all he's talked about.  Nick is going 
to talk to Dinan, and I suppose if there is enough interest I could give IA 
a call ...

BTW - I acknowledge that I may not be aware of all of the PROM devices that 
are available, but I have never heard of a device that forgets everything 
that is programmed into it when you try to read it out (Good morning Mr. 
Phelps ...).  I've seen devices that have internal fuses that make it more 
difficult to read out the program, but hey, that's what the microprocessor 
is trying to do!

My input:

Primary requirement - 1983 Audi Quattro Turbo Coupe ... currently stock, 
   looking to obtain TAP, Hypertech or IA computer upgrade.  I'll probably 
   do this car.  

Secondary requirement - 1988 Audi 5000CS Quattro Avant (turbo) ... also 
   currently stock, am interested in less risky upgrade for this one ... 
   IA(?).  I'm probably not going to update this car right away.

I have no direct experience with any of the aftermarket products ...

Steve Buchholz

Spring must be at hand ... when young men's hearts turn to making their Q-ships quicker!