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Re: summer tires

On Thu, 9 Mar 1995, jim healey wrote:
> be receiving other votes for
>         a) Comp T/As (V)(H)
>         b) Dunlop D40 or D60 (V)(H)
>         c) Eagle GA (H)
I would add my 2 cents on what I found on these tires.. I have had all 
1) The Comp T/A(3)'s were very nice performance tires that lasted a long 
time on my Q. They handled real well under most conditions. Really good 
in the wet, but not standing water.
2)Dunlop D40's  were a really good tire, but I had one fly apart on me at 
high speeds. Kind of soft, so the wear wasnt terrific. Handled well.
3) Eagle GA's Junk. Dont spend the money. Good braking, but its the only 
tire I ever had that I could spin all 4 tires with a 115 HP quattro on 
the dry! Not a great handler, would break away in a corner before it 
would 'let you know' Unless they were hot, (which is rare in CT in the 

My vote: Yokohama U+4. The best all around tire I ever had. but they dont 
make the size for the 15" coupes! :-(

Just my two  cents.... hope it helps.

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