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Re: 4-cyl engine stuff

> > Hmmmmm....say, Bob. Would you be selling the wheels (Ronal style) off
> > that 4000???  I'm stuck for two but would take all 4.
> Sorry Ned, those babies are mine!!  I have now accumulated three sets of 
> the little critters: one for summer tires, one for my race tires, and one 
> for my snow tires.  I guy just can't have too many sets of wheels and 
> tires these days.  If I move south and don't need the snows anymore, I'll 
> give you a call.  What happened?  Did you bend a couple?  Ditch/curb?

My set is not for sale, either, but I'm curious about yours: Have you ever
weighed them?  I ask this because the ones that came on my '85 4000s weigh
12 pounds each (!) and all the others I've ever seen weigh 16 or 17 pounds.
The part number is 811 601 025 O and the car was originally delivered to a
member of the military in Germany.  I checked with Audi and they confirmed
this is a US-spec car but can't explain why it's different from the others
I've seen over the years.  None of the differences are significant -- they
have more to do with part numbers not matching up with what's shown on the
fiche, etc. (so what else is new, eh?) than anything else -- but this is a
puzzle that I've never been able to solve.  FWIW, the car DOES seem to run
better than the others I've driven and definitely runs better than the one
Car and Driver tested in May of 1985 (17.4 @ 76mph in the 1/4?  Mine ran a
16.9-17.0 pretty consistently when I was into bracket-racing...)
Can anyone shed some light on this?     

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