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While heading home last night, I stopped by Montgomery Mall to check out the
Sears tool department.  Man, that's a big Sears!  Anyway, headed for the
Craftsman display, rounded the corner in the Automotive tools department, and
there it was.  A nice, pretty, orange SunPro CP7678.  Whole stack of 'em,
actually.  They were $99.95, which is more than what people were saying they
were at AutoZone, but since I didn't know where any AutoZones were in the MD/VA
area, I got it.  So, Sears does carry them!  However, the sales droid had no
idea what they were, and when I said something about SunPro (with said product
in hand, mind you) he told me he'd never heard of SunPro, and was pretty sure
Sears didn't carry anything other than the Sears brand of testers.  So, check
out your local Sears!  Of course, YMMV.

87 5000CS TQ