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Re: Chips

Yea R&D is not a way to pay for upgrade...  But, the other side of the issue
graydon, is that there is no other mod you will do for $800 that will give
you the kind of hp, torque and fun than the computer/wastegate...  I have
spent far more than this for incremental improvements to get to 320-350
range, and I will say that $800 for that first 60hp is cheap in the bang for
buck theory (street or race $13.33/hp is cheap), it will be tough to find
anywhere else in the engine bay and if your time is worth anything in the
factors here, 1 hour = 60hp is worth some serious money too...  Spend some
time shopping that schrick 272 cam, you can bring your $/hp down a litte

My .02