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Re: Prices for a wheel hub & bearing kit

>   The guy at the shop told me that my Audi needs the above. He said the 
> parts can only be purchased from the dealer, who wants $263.90 for the 
> hub assembly and $68 for the bearing. I'm going to call Carlsen in a few 
> minutes, but are they dealer only parts? 

Maybe.  Are you sure it's the hub?  Did he remove the bearing, examine
the hub and pronounce it bad?  If not, start with the bearing and
IF it turns out the hub is shot too (which if you caught it early
it shouldn't be) you can always get it.
>   Also, IF this is what the problem is, (noise coming from the wheel, 
> less when turning left, more when right) how long might it last? It's 
> been going bad for about 7-8 months, and right now I don't really have 
> the money to get it fixed. But, I don't want it to cause more damage. He 
If it's faint, do it ASAP to avoid having to buy the hub.
As far as getting the bearing, Beck/Arnley Worldparts stocked the
FAG bearing for my car (1988 Audi 90) under their packaging.
That was a front though.  You can try Stranos (though they screwed up
my order) and GPR (try PAP too).

That reminds me, I never summarized my bearing experience.
Maybe soon.

| Dan |
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