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Re: Honda Accord V6

   The new Accord V6, top model starts at $25k, and the ads that I have
   seen from Audi show that the most inexpensive Audis start at about
   $25k.  Why would anyone want a 100k self-destructing Honda over a
   car that will last for 300k+?  Too bad Audi doesn't capitalize on this
   for advertising, instead of going after the Mercedes/BMW crowd.

Well, at the risk of sounding bitter, or negative, or even just plain

...maybe some people want a car that will start first time every time,
probably never need a flatbed to get to a dealer/mechanic, and just in
general operate with typical dull boring Japanese reliability and de-
pendibility... (I speak from experience with not just dull boring in-
finitely-dependable Japanese and, um, at least one example of the World's
Most Perfect Example of Automotive Engineering (spelled "Audi"), but even
with English Sports Cars (Lotus Europa) as well!) Not to mention the
maintenance costs (although I hear even Japanese cars are getting ex-
pensive to "maintain"). Not to mention trade-in costs, er, values.

Ho Hum.