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Re: summer tires

On Mon, 13 Mar 1995, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

> 	I agreee, my father had GAs on his 5KCSTQ (much to my chagrin) 
> but they were really quite nice.  The GAs were certainly better than BFG 
> Comp T/A HR4s in the snow, and anywhere else for that matter.  He just 
> bought Eagle GT+4s a couple weeks ago, and the GAs were much better IMHO.
> 	I do think that the OHTSU Visas that I installed are equal to any 
> GA or GT+4 also.

Hmmm.. how much is Goodyear paying you?! ;-)
Does he (you) drive them hard.. like a quattro is supposed to be? I found 
them to be extraordinarily bad in the dry (can spin all 4 tires!!!), 
sh*tty on standing water.. good on braking in the dry though. Poor on 
corners (non progressive.. they just 'go away' instead of slide a bit 
Just what I found. (I drive my tires REALLY hard)
I played with a set of HP22's today on my roomies '86 4000sq. I was 
EXTREMELY impressed. they were incredibly stickey. quiet, cheap! Any one 
else had an experience with these?

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