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Re: Honda Accord V6

> ...maybe some people want a car that will start first time every time,
> probably never need a flatbed to get to a dealer/mechanic, and just in
> general operate with typical dull boring Japanese reliability and de-
> pendibility... (I speak from experience with not just dull boring in-
> finitely-dependable Japanese and, um, at least one example of the World's
> Most Perfect Example of Automotive Engineering (spelled "Audi")

Being an Audi owner myself, I can appreciate the finer points in owning
and driving one, but the farthest thing from the truth is that Audi's
are the "most perfect example of automotive engineering". Audi's are
solidly built and manage to maintain overall body/chassis integrity
throughout the auto's life, but they are far from perfect. If Audi's
were perfect, the "all you do is pay for gas" warranty would not be
needed, further lowering the overall cost of a new Audi.