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daytime running lights on 200T


          As an Audie newbie, I'm going to have a lot of questions, so
          bear with me :)

          I'm used to running headlights all the time, in an
          approximation of DRLs (daytime running lights). I feel
          that it gives me a slight greater margin of safety,
          particularly with the closing speeds I sometimes
          experience <g>

          So here's my question: In an Audi 200T (1990), is it
          possible to either:

          1. get the headlights *and* all other lights to go off when
          the switch is in the on position and the ignition is
          switched off. I don't want to compromise the use of the
          parking lights only with ignition off, though. So, with
          ignition off, and switch in first position, PLs would light
          (as normal).  With switch in second position, all lights
          would be off with ignition off.


          2. get headlights to come on with ignition, independent of
          the switch position.

          I know that the answer to 2 is yes. I'd prefer to effect the
          first so that I can simply leave the headlamp switch on all
          the time, as I do on my Volvo. No possibility of forgetting
          to turn on the parking lamps at night, as I gather some
          people with DRLs are doing (Whoops!)

          Anyway, if it's a relatively simple procedure to do this,
          I'd appreciate the help.

          Thanks in advance,

          Lee Levitt