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Re: Summer Tires

>>I currently have Michelin MXV3 tires on my quattro (Pilot HX).  Ive been
>>made aware that these are summer tires, which would explain why I cant
>>worth a dam, or negotiate trivial corners with out losing my tail end.
>I found the mxv3 (H) to be incedibly poor in performance (for all
>on my wife's 200Q.  I replaced them with RE-71 Potenzas (V) as my summer
>tire and was thoroughly satisfied with the difference.  

We had a similar experience with the MXV3 (Z) tires on our '88 M5.  They were
a last minute replacement of our RE-71 (Z) before a long trip.  The MXV3 have
to be one of the scariest (claimed) performance tires I have ever driven,
they made the car feel out of control.  Happily enough our tire shop was
willing to swap them out for new RE-71's upon our return.  The RE-71's have
 performed quite admirably in rain and snow .  In fact the M5 with RE-71's
(and about 10 cases of wine in the back) tracked a straighter line on an icey
freeway than my 4kCSQ (Michelin XGT-V's at the time).The 4kCSQ currently has
Yoko AVS Intermediates (Z) and I still think the RE-71's are better.  Damn
good tire.

BTW, I haven't had a tire yet that lasts more than 20k miles. The following
are the chronological list of tires I've had on the car (75k miles, lowered
with sport suspension; driven in western states ):

P6  (195/60/14) (? rating. Original equipment- too soft sidewall)
Fulda Y2000 H & V  (2 sets - a very good tire for that time, huge difference
over the P6. The V rated was significantly better than the H rated))

Yoko AVS+4 V (Horribly slippery on the 4kCSQ, switched them onto a lighter
car after bad wet road experiences -  still going strong on the 2002tii)

Michelin XGT-V (good, fairly sticky tire, car tends to hop around on corners
with bumps, good in the rain)

Yoko AVS Intermediate Z  (205/55/14)(needs warming up before they get begin
to really stick, tend to slide (controllably and gives you notice) on hard
cornering (like at the track), slips  a bit more in snow due to
                 both added tire width and outer edge rubber design.
Stickiest tire I've had on the car)

'86 4kCSQ Limited Edition