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No Subject

I just acquired a 1986 5000 S last weekend and have several minor(?) 
problems.  I'd appreciate any suggestions.  I don't as yet have any
service manual.

   1. Speedometer works but odometer doesn't. 

   2. Temperature gauge works intermittently.  Is this the sending unit
      near the radiator hose?  Does this sensor also control the radiator

   3. When the air conditioner is on (yes, it's warm enough in Buffalo
      to at least try it)  the idle drops to about 450-500 and it may stall.

   4. Front speakers do not work.

   5. Electric mirrors do not work.  The owners manual indicates that this 
      is on the same fuse as the electric locks.  These work.

Thanks in advance for any help.

 Walter A. Pangborn, Ph.D.             
 Molecular Biophysics Department
 Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, Inc.
 formerly  Medical Foundation of Buffalo, Inc.   
 73 High St.,  Buffalo, NY 14203-1196
 (716)856-9600                          FAX:  (716)852-4846
 email:    pangborn@hwi.buffalo.edu