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Re: 4000q motor swaps

On 14 Mar 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   is superior is just about every way? Do you *really* need those two extra
>   doors? Interior
>   space is about the same.....

Why is the coupe superior in every way? What does it do/have that the 
4000 cant? I do like the 4 doors, I definately cant live without them, 
and I cant stand hatchbacks for everyday use. Besides, I already own the 
4000. I work with some elderly people that would have a tough time 
getting in and out of a QC. (but hey, if they really want a ride, they 
can buy me a new car!)

>   Now, if you want to be different and/or really like an expensive
>   technical challenge, power to
>   ya! That I *can* understand. I wish you great success in your "port".

>From what Ive been seeing and hearing, it shoudnt be too painful. I was 
talking to a friend of mine in Holyoke, who has done it, He did it in a 
weekend! Thanks for the info though!

>   Vorsprung durch Technik!
yeah! same to you buddy!!  ;-)

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