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Re: Honda V6

i'll repeat this little factoid for the benefit of the new subscribers.
the 24V, SOHC per bank 2.7 liter honda v6 weighs more than the 32V DOHC
per bank 3.6 and 4.2 liter audi v8.  how about this for masterful 
engineering?  <snort>

hondas?  nothing wrong with them except that Crap & Drivel (tm) makes them
look far more than what they really are.  and many of their owners smugly and
self righteously believe it.  put a magnifying glass to them and you see
warts the size of golf balls. 

i test drove the new eclipse GSX with real intentions of buying it some day..
after all, there is no more turbo quattro koop here (nor S2) and this was the
closest thing there was on paper.  i was sorely disappointed.  it has all the
usual japanese trappings of user friendliness (which i like), but the brakes,
the turbo lag, the skinny 6 inch wheels coupled with fat rubber all conspire
to make the whole less than the sum of its parts.  it is a mass market
economy car with the high performance bits added rather than the other way
round.  my corrado g60 is lesser in terms of numbers, but far more
satisfying to drive hard.  it is also every bit as reliable as any 
japanese car.  

i'm not convinced yet.