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Re: 4000Q Vs ur-Q

On 14 Mar 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   OK, I've bit the bait, I'll give it  try:
>   160/200 HP Vs 115/136HP stock (US/ROW)
	No question cooler!
>   superior brakes
	I thought they were the same?!?! 
>   superior suspension
>   superior lighting (US models)
	Hmmmm thought for sure the same as 4000
>   superior ignition (crank-fired Hall-effect)
>   superior SS 2 1/2" exhaust
>   standard leather interior
	Prefer velour beleive it or not.
>   superior OEM tyres & wheels (15x8" on some ur-Qs)
>   superior styling (IMFO)
>   superior exclusivity
>   5-lug Vs 4-lug hubs & wheels
>   very handsome flared fenders easily accommodate 225 tyres
>   kevlar decklid
	why do they rust? ;)
>   oil cooler
>   auxiliary radiator
>   24.x gal fuel tank
>   hand-built construction homologation special
>   superior collectability, rarity and a rich, successful competition
>   history including too many
>     championships to list
>   Ferdinand Piech's personal car for 2+ years (black) (OK, I'm reaching now
>   :)
>   This is from someone who owns and *loves* both the ur-Q and the 4000Q,
>   presently owning
>   an '85 ur-Q and an '84 & 4000Q, and having owned '85 and 2x '86 4000Qs
>   and *loved* them all.
>   Clearly, they both have their benefits, I use the '84 4000Q as my winter
>   "beater" and SCCA NER
>   SOLO II HS '93 Championship autocross car, the ur-Q is relegated to
>   "sunny-day" use only now, though it was my sole transport from '87 'till
>   93.
>   I'm sure I missed quite a number of additional unique features of the
>   ur-Q and I'm also sure I'll be both corrected and flamed. (welcomed,
>   corrections that is, hold the flames!  :)
>   Vorsprung durch Nof'nhatchback, (I like that!)
>   -glen

Now I see! I didnt mean to post the orignal to be sarcastic.. I really 
didnt know! Now I know! THanks... now I really want one. :)

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