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Re: "Ur" meaning....

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995 Nivi@aol.com wrote:

> I hope I'm using the server correctly...
> >From what I gather from my dictionary, "ur" would mean "great" in German (auf
> Deutsch), as in Urenkel=great uncle. It could also mean "origin", but I think
> that great would be more applicable to Ur-quattro. (= Great Quattro)
 I definately agree that "great" quattro would fit, however I believe  
"Original" is the intended usage.  Because the car was originally simply 
called "quattro" problems arose when the audi family came to include 
4000 and 5000 etc with the quattro designation, and because the "Turbo 
Quattro Coupe" or "Quattro Coupe Turbo" are some what cumbersome to say, 
the car isaffectionately called the Ur-Quattro.    Which is fine to 
write, But how the hell is it pronounced?????  I write it so often on 
this server that I didn't realize I couldn't pronounce it until it came 
up in conversation the other day. Ive been meaning to ask and this Ur 
question reminded me.   Any Ideas ?
 Rod Wiggins <rwiggins@rs6000.baldwinw.edu>