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Thanks! (re: cheap fuel pumps request)

My thanks to the quattro list members for their willingness to answer my 
request so quickly.

As you may recall, I requested suggestions for cheap fuel pump 
replacements for a friend's older 5000S.  The response has been warmly 
gratifying.  Special thanks to Bob Meyers, Marat, and Arun Rao, who 
each really went the extra mile.  =)

I've forwarded the replies to my friend at Ole Miss (University of
Mississippi) and he should have them when he checks his box.  He's a very
hardworking Indian-Malaysian management student whom I met while there a
couple years ago as a visiting prof.  He's holding down two part-time
jobs and a full classload, so having the Audi go on the blink was just
about the last straw; it's absolutely essential to making the rest of his
schedule go.  And, of course, money is always a problem when one is a

I'm sure he'll appreciate the quattro listmembers' efforts, and I surely 
do.  I'll post an update to the list as soon as I hear about the outcome.

Thanks again, listmembers; what a super job!  If I can return the favor, 
please let me know.  Best wishes for happy motoring,

Dan  (8^{D}