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Re: v8,S4 fun

hmmmm...  Thanks eliot for the response, I figgrd the auto would miss the S4,
but I drove a 5spd not 3weeks ago (not the 4.2), and found the low end very
strong, and by seat of the pants, I was guessing low 6's for the 60 times,
without doing the "proper launch" only q's can deliver...  You're right in
that both cars are worthy comrades, not adversaries, but I find the S4 a
little small for my tastes, frame size and driving position, in fact, no one
could (would) sit behind me in an S4 where I would put the seat.  

My guess is that a v8 with the same attention to suspension, wheels and tires
as the S4, would certainly hold its own in the twisties...  So, glen, you got
the beer on this "post race"....