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Re: V8 4 A 20V?

 Get ahold of yourself man!! Take a deep breath and repeat to yourself..."I
love my 20V...I love my 20V..." I can't possiably believe the V8 would
*easily* fit in place of the 20V...no way. I could be wrong though (it has
happened before). But if it will fit...hmmmm...could you imagine? I say throw
on that K&N filter and call me in the morning...at least let all of us 20V
owners know if the K&N is worth the bloody knuckles it takes to put it in....
 BTW, I found "Leather Amour" (i think thats the name) to work much better than
"Lexol". It is both a conditioner and cleaner, one step application, doesn't
smell and leaves no film or sticky feeling like Lexol...just my .02 worth.


I know. I know. Thats what I need a little common sense. I dont think the transplant would be 'easy' but it would fit. Apparently I have to fabricate a subframe due to the differences in mounting etc.... yech!

Ill post my results on the net about the k&n's. I was told the 20V engine was really conducive to these things because it was such a heavy breathing car. I was told to expect at least 10hp. (hey, thats what I was told!!)

Leathor Amour... Ill look in my local shop and give it a try, Ill do the back seats with that and compare! THanks