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Re: summer tires

On Tue, 14 Mar 1995, Tom Haapanen wrote:

> Glen Powell wrote:
> The sad thing is that VW is using them as OEM tires on all the VR6 models,
> including the Golf, Jetta and Passat -- the four-cylinder models (including
> the Golf GTI 2.0L) seem all to be getting the pathetic Goodyar Invictas.  
> Quite a step down from the P600s my '86 GTI came with.  :(

As well, I've noticed that on the 95 Sport Quattros Audi puts 195/65 GA's 
for tires.  Altogether IMO the 95 90 Sports, look less 'sporty' then the 94s.
All of the ones at the dealer have this less agressive tires as compared 
to the 205/60 on last years model, and are also minus the rear wing.