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Central locking and gas smell ....

Hi everybody,
I am having a couple problems and I thought I ask for some advice.
  My central locking system works intermittently. I wasn't able to
relate it with anything for the past 2-3 months this has been happening.
It will either lock (or unlock) everything, or nothing (just the driver's door
  Even if I manually lock all the doors and then the driver's door, the
light inside will stay on.
  I intend to clean as many contacts as I can find in my way, but since this 
involves disasembling all doors, is there anything else I can do while I am
there ?

I have also noticed a gas smell lately. I believe it comes from the gas
accumulator. I can't see any leaks, and I can only smell it when the car
is running. Is it normal or the begining of a future inferno ?

Thanks for any opinions,

5000 CS Turbo '86