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re:The mystery thickens (was "Re:Help ! Car immobilized)

Arun Rao wrote about his shudder'n Audi.

Arun, now that you've confirmed the ripped CV boot, let us know one more thing.

What was the weather like when this happened?

My former 16V Scirocco displayed similar shuddering one winter.  Guess what! a 
ripped cv boot.  I theorize that some water got in there and froze, causing the 
shuddering. Sure enough , when the weather warmed, the shuddering went away. I 
had the joint cleaned, repacked, and a new boot put on. That joint has lasted 
about another 40k miles...(I sold the car to a friend, and still keep tabs on 

I hope its warm this weekend for you!

peter schulz
1990 Silver Coupe Q