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Re: Trans problem (cont)

> My saga continues with my oil leak in my 1990 80Q. My mechanic thinks
> that the oil leak is the rear main seal. :(  The car has 80K miles
> on it. It sounds early for such a big problem.

Do you have any symptoms that would make you think oil is
leaking through your rear main seal? At on time I was 
leaking oil through my valve cover gasket, but only 
running at higher speeds, and it would drip on to the 
exhaust manifold and disappear. It drove me nuts
because if I would drive local for a few weeks,
oil loss would be negligible, but one 500 mile
round trip to go skiing, and I'd be as much as a
quart low. The engine was primarily clean (with
the exception of one spot between the 1st and 2nd
cylinders (from the front). I replaced the gasket,
and bingo everything was fine.