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Eliot, you should drive that 944t...  Never saw that bowling green torque
from either my stock 86 or my 87 till Ned...   I tend to agree with Barton
that the value is low, and the tweeks available not only exceed that of the
audi's, but challenge the best of the prepared 911's...  We have a couple of
them that run in the IT races in the midwest and they get horsepower and
torque figgrs that are in the 350 range easily and handily beat the 911's lap
times to boot...  The M5 and M3 (new one I assume) are OK, but your comment
about the wet is inconsistent with these two nose heavy (M5) and happy tail
(M3) cars, a balanced 50/50 limited slip 944t with the proper tires will
circle your G60...  Kind of surprised me on this one, eliot...  Would think
you had the 944t pegged as a roommate to your v8 in the stable...   the GSX
is a pup, and that 200hp from the 2.0l is not without drawbacks, a good
reason to get a 944t for the same money... Right now your G60 has the edge on
the vr6, but me thinks that the vw tuning boys have a better beginning with
the vr...  The G60 was a stopgap for the 6, not saying the 6 they put out is
that far ahead, but  I haven't seen much past the 200 mark with the G60, an
easily attained goal for the vr...

Reconsider a good car argument...  :~)