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Re: Honda V6

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, Tom Leveckis wrote:

> Has anyone ever tested the Subaru SVX.
> Kind of goofy lookin' with those windows
> (but probably good for going 120mph w/
> the windows open). I've read positive
> things about them, and I do see a few
> of them on the road, but how do they 
> compare with the Audis of the world
> is something I like to know.

the SVX is a much more wholesome implementation than the eclipse i must say. 
this is a car which was designed with high performance and 4wd in mind with
almost no concessions made to the mass market disposable appliances.

its design priorities were towards that of a suave and refined coupe rather
than a terrier.  an all weather lexus sc300 if you will.  the flat six
doesn't sound like a porsche, it sounds like anybody else's v6, which is a

the 4wd has rear biased torque.  the steering is meaty (probably more heavy
than it needs to be) but unfortunately mute.  the suspension is pretty firm. 

i tore it into a slick curve when i drove it and the front gave way a lot
sooner than i expected.. so i lifted off a tad (not completely) and the rear
whipped out in a way that would do a 911 owner proud...  luckily the steering
is quick and a dose of opposite lock pulled it back in line.  the car was
completely uncommunicative throughout.

i have to say that in all my years driving quattros, you only get the tail
out when it is exactly what you want the car to do.  the SVX's sting in the
tail to me represents insufficient breeding.  but that was years ago.  things
must have changed now that subaru is very active in the world rallying

overall i think it is a good effort.  it is just not what i'm looking for
in a car.