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Re: toys

hmmmm....  But if you put the effort into the 944t (read:  little) you put
into your corrado, you'd be very pleased....  I have driven both, eliot, in
fact driven the 944t, corrado g60and vr, the M3 and the M5 (and it's nose is
very heavy, 50/50 claims aside, new body, with those "whitewalls")...  My
heart comes from 4 sciroccos, 2 race prepped, so the corrado had the
prejudice, my pref in order:  M3=944t,my 5ktq b4RS2 (280hp), Corrado6, M5,
corrado g60, then oranges:  a viper and a couple SHO ferds.  The M3 was the
easiest to drive, the 944t the easiest to drive hard (and the one I'd give my
wife, for its forgiveness factor), the c6 was fun, but the sophistication of
the rwd and awd + tires has put the fwd at the disadvge.  The 60 worked the
hardest to do the best it could, which still came a little short....  Fun?
 Yep, but the field is getting crowded in that department...  On twisties the
M3 and the 944t ate the rest, go figgr....  My 5k with all its ponies, needs
some attention to the susp, cuz I was last in the blast pack...  A bunch of
us old (35 or so)race guys still meet up in MI for blasts with assorted stock
and modified toys (my 3 tickets over 100 attest to the seriousness of our
efforts)....  It's harder to give bragging rights when you can hand the guy
the keys!!!   Refinement, torque and handling are high priorities as we get
older (my GLH turbo with 220hp went by years ago), and some of the concepts
prove to be quite wild...  hopefully getting closer with my latest RS2
mods...  M3 brakes have taken the group by surprise...  Still maintain the
944t is an M3 at a fraction of the cost....  And can far exceed it with
little monies...  The spirit of high perfomance in my book....  Drive one
eliot, it's no 924 in wolf's clothing...

a couple of pennies