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Age and Autos

I bow to the acceptable, just a guy approaching those days myself, me
guess...  Keep that v8 eliot, it will age nicely...  Not meaning to flaw the
g60, a nice machine, just has a lot of competition in it's afterlife...  And
you can seat 4(? :) ...  Get lots of oportunities to drive some nice cars,
and certainly appreciate each for it's own personality...  Hormones aside,
the fact that the 944t does everything it does extremely well, including the
go fast thing, puts it high on the used car list, more for its chssis
dynamics (found it more solid than the M3), than anything else...  Speed is a
side benefit of a car not nessarily THE reason to buy it...  Finding myself,
after many highly modified cars in the stable, that wife likes a car with
balance, good brakes, a compliant but competent susp, and that forgiveness
factor for when she gets in over her head...  Looking for that trait is not
something one can easily build into a car...  The 944s or the 944t have that
personality from the factory...  You have the right car comparing to the GSX
for sure, tho, eliot...