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Re: your mail

> Have great picture of me (well two white knuckled hands) with 130 on the 
> speedo and about 4,500 on the tacho. There was a lot left: the fwd 100 
> 2.8 pulls 125 steady all day long, up hills, down hills, against the 
> wind, even in the rain (although the wiper motors are barely strong 
> enough to haul the blades down the screen at that speed). Flat out, 
> indicated 140, easily.
> Sadly, I've depressing news. The cylinder head blew on Monday-only 55,000 
> miles, boy am I p*ssed off. The garage wants 1,200 pounds ($2,000), and 
> I'll bet they don't put it back together again properly. it'll never be 

I guess it can't go steady 125 all day long, up hills, etc.
I blew the head in my old '73 SAAB 99 years ago while 
driving 110mph for approx. 20 min.