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Re: Volvo Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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> >           Okay folks, you now have a rather dedicated Volvo owner on
> >           this list. So I can't figger out how to change my subject
> >           line.
> HOOORAY! Finally someone who will give Volvo a good name!!!

Actually, there are a few Volvo owners on this list I think.

Our current vheicles: 1991 Audi Coupe Quattro (mine)
                      1994 Volvo 850 (4-speed) (wifes).

My past volvos: 1969 142S B20 4-speed Overdrive.
                1973 164E 4-speed.
The 142 was a fantastic car, it was thrashed full-throttle and
full-brake for four years in Australia without problem (except
for hitting a rock which was absolutely my fault) and the only
reason I sold it was because I was going overseas.

I think the Volvo 240 line was a real letdown from the 140 line
and has (along with its average driver) unfairly tarnished the
image of Volvos.

I love my Coupe, but I must say I am very impressed with my
wifes 850 (except for the engine - no power surge at 4000 and
less grunt at 2000 than the Audi engine!!). The handling and
braking are excellent and will only improve when I can get rid
of the MXV3s that came on it. I WISH my Coupe had headlights
as good as the 850!!!

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