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Re: toys II

Hi Scott,

[Gentle Q-heads, and Especially Eliot, Kindly set your Irony-detectors to Full, 
and your Phazers to "Tickle," as this is meant to elicit the grin-response]

I've been following your responses to Eliot with great pleasure.  (As with as
*all* of your messages, you speak with the authority of experience, and the wit
of an Gentleman.  I always enjoy reading *whatever* you have to say.)  In this 
case, for some *strange* reason, the old GI expression dealing with the futility
of urinating vertically as a means of adequately dampening a hanging a rope, 
comes to mind...

While meaning no offense to the prespicatious Mr. Lim; from the, (may I say)
*conviction* with which he sardonically dismisses the merit of our suggestion 
(that a 951 just *might* be worth a glance by toy-shopping Q-head), I suspect 
that he may not be open to reasoned persuasion in this matter.  But then, I 
*could* be wrong here, as improbable as it sounds, I *was* wrong once before...

Now it may just be my exceptional good fortune, which I *freely* admit has 
saved my personal posterior on more than one (otherwise disasterous) occasion; 
but while I do not live in Seattle, I have visited Seattle and driven widely 
there, for a week or more on *numerous* occasions, and have yet to pirouette
madly off into the Posies, even on the infrequent occasion when it was raining!

While this may sound highly improbable, this (doubtless unique) experience 
even includes trashy ol' (one-end or the other drive) GM (rental) cars!  Oh,
sure, one exclaims, but just try that in a Porsche!  Well, gentle reader,
quite a goodly number of Seattle denizen-folks do just that!  In fact, I am
reliably informed, a fair number of 'em, in their (doubtless, ignorance of the 
horrific risks involved), do so with joy and success, in that notoriously 
ill-handling 911 model.  Pushing (pun intended) their luck, no doubt...

Me, I obviously don't know squat (I used to, but that's another story, and I've 
forgotten most of it...<heavy sigh>...), but Scott, he knows a thinger two...
You might give the 951 a glance, he speaks wisdom, even if (by coincidence)
he agrees with me...

[damn, I no sooner get to shed that bloody hairshirt, than I gotta jump into my


Bart Chambers,
Frau, Dora
'77 Feline Varmint, Felix, Gray
'86 Carrera Cabriolet, Indischrot
'87 Syncro (Stealth Quattro) Alpenweiss