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Re: 944t

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:

> How many "sports" car commercials show the car in a 4-wheel spin,
> sliding sideways through water? I, for one, prefer to always
> be in control of my vehicle. The fact that a car can be made
> to careen sideways doesn't make me want to buy it.
> -- 

Absolutely! That doesnt prove a thing. a chevette can even smoke a tire! 
(cant it??) My point is... I agree with you Andrew, why would I buy a car 
that is flying by my television screen, radically out of control, when it 
gets a little wet. Thats why I have a quattro, to avoid that!

Who says "Hey! I want that car, you cant keep control of it in the rain! 
I want my wife to drive that one!!!"  (OK, some might say that, but you 
know what I mean! :)


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