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Re: 944t

>How many "sports" car commercials show the car in a 4-wheel spin,
>sliding sideways through water? I, for one, prefer to always
>be in control of my vehicle. The fact that a car can be made
>to careen sideways doesn't make me want to buy it.

A tail out sideways slide and being in control of you vehicle are not 
mutually exclusive. In fact, it can be great fun. I am still a novice at 
vehicle excersises like this, but the day I learned the most about car 
control and vehicle dynamics was at a track, in the pouring rain on used up 
track tires.  It was a blast, 4 wheel drifts, hanging the rear end out, etc. 
All in a quattro.The speeds are nowhere near as fast as in the dry, but just 
as much fun, if not more.

I was talking to Kent Anderson, the QC president, the other day and asked 
how the Portland event was. He said he has never had as much fun at a track 
event as this one. It was raining and he was driving a 91 200TQ sideways 
most of the time. He said he was able to hang the rear end out on almost 
every corner, rally style and then accelerate out of the corner, looking 
through the side glass, steering the car with the throttle. Sounds fun.
Dave Lawson dlawson@ball.com