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[Re]:Audi 4k brake, tail, parking light problem

Need some helping finding the problem with my lights. The pass side parking,
brake, and tail lights are not working. The headlight works and turn signal
works. All bulbs have been checked out and there is no power getting to
them. Driver's side is fine all around. Anyone else encounter this problem
before? Do I need to start at the fuse box?  Oh BTW, it's an 87 4KS.

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Had the same problem with my 85 4k. Open the trunk. Trace along the left
hinge. You'll see the wiring harness for the rear lighting (its usually
wrapped in black cloth tape. Remove the tape. Start checking each wire. In
most case you will find one or more breaks.
What happens is that each time you open and close the trunk you are "sawing"
and "flexing" the wire harness. Eventually the wires start breaking. A little
solder and electical tape will fix them right up.