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Driving School Revisited

Wanted to post this a second time for those who may have missed the first one. 
 BTW, the BMW club is outpacing the Audi club 5 to 1 in registrations to date. 
 C'mon Quattro People,  we can't let these BMW owners show us up.
To all who requested info, it is being processed

Hello Quattro People.

Wanted to get the official word out on this year's Watkins Glen Driving 

Through joint presentation of the Quattro Club USA and the Genesee Valley 
Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America, there will be a driving school at 
Watkins Glen International Race Track on Mon & Tue, July 10 & 11.

The school will be limited to 80 students, 40 from each club.  If the school 
has not filled up by June 12th, the event will be opened up to everyone.  Audi 
& BMW CCA members will be given first priority.  Non members will be put on a 
"HOLD" list until june 12th.  Any remaining openings will be filled from the 
hold list, in the order in which they were received.

You do NOT need to own a Quattro or BMW to take this school.  Any vehicle can 
be used, provided it passes a basic safety inspection.  Convertables MUST have 
a roll bar and all cars MUST have a muffler.

Registration opens March 15th.
QCUSA & BMWCCA members @ US$225/driver
Everyone else @ US$250/driver
Entry fee includes a T-Shirt.

For more details please E-Mail to marshall@fletch.roc.servtech.com
or call (716) 654-7921 and an information packet will be sent to you.