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Re: VW Quantum Timing Belt job

I hope I don't offend anyone by posting this here - it's not a quattro, 
but it's almost an Audi 4000...and my boyfriend's Quantum is almost
a quattro because it's a syncro...close enough?

     Definitely close enough!  I have an '87 Syncro.  There are also a few 
     more people on this list with Syncros.
1.  How much should I expect to pay for replacement of the timing belt? 
(parts & labor inclusive)

     I was recently quoted $140 total for the job.  I've decided to do it 
     myself, since most of the cost is labor.
2.  Would you recommend that I replace the water pump as a matter of 
course, or only if it shows signs of wear?  (I am told that the water 
pump acts as the tensioner in this engine.)

     When I do mine (soon), I'm going to replace the water pump also.  
     According to my Parts Place catalog, a new one is only $55.  Since 
     I've got 120K on the car, and it's a lot of work to get in there, I'm 
     just going to replace it.
3.  Are there other things you recommend addressing while the engine
is dismanteled for this job?  Valve cover gasket?  Seals, O-rings, etc.? 
Would you do these regardless, or only if they show signs of seepage/ 

     I would only touch these things if they're leaking.
     Have fun!
     - Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
     - '87 VW Quantum Syncro
     - '93 Volvo 850 GLT