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         I have a 5000cs quattro and just recently ordered all new brakes and r
otors from GPR.  I found that GPR had the best prices around and Allen was quit
e helpfull.  I went with all 4 Zimmerman rotors and ITM/Repco MetalMasters with
 the sensors (now available).  My father is a member of Team T/A and it is help
full also.  I think BFGoowrench T/A'sare great track tires, but I don't prefer
them for a street tire.  I have Cooper Cobra GTHs on my car and they seem to be
 holding up just fine.
          120k mi is high milage, but if it has had those repairs, that are tim
ely in Audis, such as the rack, and clutch, then $3,000 isn't a bad deal at all