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Re: 215/60 Tires?

> <plug mode on>  I'm immensely satisfied with my dealings with Allen/Dave
> at German Parts and Restoration.  He had quoted me (from memory) a price of
> $8 for 100W H3 driving lights for the 944 which I ordered with the muffler
> ($198).  When I got the invoice, it had the bulbs for $12.  I called up and
> to make it up, they air-mailed me the rubber bump stops I needed for the
> struts.

I have likewise had nothing but positive experiences with GPR in general and
Allen/Dave in particular.  Most recently, they went out of their way to have
a supplier ship me a pair of control arms/tie rods for my '87 5000s by FedEx
because they didn't have them in stock and the car was on jacks and blocking
my neighbor's driveway ... Dave even called me the following morning to make
sure they had arrived and were, in fact, the correct parts.  Compare this to
the local dealer that charged me list price for a pair of bushings and spent
7 weeks trying to get me two of the same part number and couldn't understand
why I was frustrated by the ineptitude of the counter-people!

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