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No Subject

     I think the Orange-Red color of your tqc is known as Mars Red in the Audi
color books.  My favorite Audi color is called Mahogany.  It is a metallic burg
undy paint available on Audi 5000cs turbos and quattros.  It seems to be very r
are being that I only know one person with one in that color.  It appears brown
 in some types of light, and it can appear more purple in others.
    No, I have not done any Quattro Club events.  I understand what you mean.
The reason is I am a resident of Atlanta, GA, and there are no events in the so
utheast, or anywhere within easy driving distance.  Most are in Michigan or out
 in Colorado.  I recommend  that they have an event for the southern states nex
t year, or I will not renew my membership.  I am glad they added an event for C
alifornia.  Where in California do you live?  I'd move out there if I had the o
pportunity.   I hope the earthquakes and floods didn't get you.
     My car has not yet been on the track, but it's a great daily driver; I lov
e it.  You get so much for your money in a used Audi quattro.  I'd do a track o
r autocross event if they just had some near where I live.  Road Atlanta is a v
ery nice track and there are several others in Florida.  I'm supprised you didn
't get out to the Virginia City Hillclimb though.  That's not that har away fro
m you is it?  I would love to make it out there although it's along drive and I
'm not sure if that's the best event for an ametur.