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Re: Any recommendation for front brake pads that doesn't squeal?

> Just put Repco Metal Masters from Strano's with the brake pad sensors for 
> about $55.-
> They come with a lifetime warranty too!  You pay $7.50 for shipping and send 
> them back when they are worn out or start producing a lot of brake dust and 
> they'll send you a new pair. Deal.

Wrong.  That's what everyone thinks.  It's a lifetime warranty against
defects, not wear.  At least that's what Rapid Parts tells me...

| Dan |



The women I talked to at Strano's was pretty explicit with 2 points.

1) They don't produce a lot of brake dust, and if they start too send them 
back and
   they'll replace them with a new set.

2) If they wear out, send them back with $7.50 for shipping and we'll replace 

She may have been out and out lieing (spell ?) to me, but she sounded pretty
sincere :-)

I would suggest the original poster looking for brakes ( sorry I don't 
remember who it
was :-( ) call Strano's and see what they say.