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Cat Rattle & Fog Wiring

I also have an exhaust "buzz" on my car, which I traced to the thin metal
heat shield that surrounds the exhaust headers about 1-2 ft before the cat.
Basically, the bottom "crimp" (where it necks down near the cat) looks like
Swiss cheese, leaving it free to vibrate.  It has a few other corrosion 
holes in it, so I was contemplating cutting it off.  Is this going to cause
any significant problems with heat transfer (remember that the headers run
in front of the passenger foot well) or is it better to live with the buzz
in order to retain the partial protection it offers?

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Abreitma@aol.com wrote:

> my old 4kcsq and they worked just fine. By the way, did you mention that you
> have wired your fog lights so that they will work without the headlights?
> Would you be willing to share? I have an '89 90q. Thanks in advance

I'd also be curious about this.  My "dealer kit" fog light set which I in-
stalled according to the manufacturer's instructions also lights only when 
the low beams are on.  I find this to be a major annoyance since I prefer to
keep the headlights off (use the fogs exclusively) when negotiating country
roads in "pea soup".  I connected the power for the on/off switch & relay
circuit to a wire directly beneath the green connector on the fusebox (I
think it was a yellow wire with green stripe????) which I presume is the
low beam feed.  Does anyone know what color wire in the fusebox area feeds
the parking lights instead? -- this should allow me to run the fogs whether
the headlights (low or high) are on or not.  TIA!

					Chris Idleman
					'87 Coupe GT