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Re: Need 5K Turbo Head-light/switch

> The headlight
> switch lever broke off a while back.  Anyone have any luck epoxying this back
> together?  I was going to try JB Weld which worked fine on a stripped wiper
> stem on my old GTi.

Good luck gluing that sucker.  I tried that about ten times on my (her,
whatever) '84 5kS.  Never held long.  Wound up going to a local bone yard and
finding a combination (headlight, windshiled wipers, etc.) switch that had a
broken hazard and windshield washer lever, but a good headlight lever.  Since
the whole combination switch was pretty much destroyed, they let me have the
thing for $5.00.  I Jerked the combination switch out of mine (quite easy -
pull off the horn cover, then use a 15/16ths socket to remove the steering
wheel nut.  After that, a #2 phillips in the hole under the steering column
takes the combination switch out), drilled out the rivets that hold the thing
together, and pulled the case apart (careful here, there are many springs that
can come flying apart doing this.)  Did the same to the boenyard switch, and
got the headlight lever out, put it in place of my old one, and Viola!  Good as
new.  Used some really small screws and nuts to put the combination switch back
together, and the whole switch was good as new, and cost me about $7.50 total,
for switch and screws.  Also, while I had the thing apart, I fixed my cruise
control that hadn't worked in quite some time.  Turns out that the contacts in
the switch itself were coroded (imagine that on a 11 year old car!)  Anyhow,
some sandpaper and rubbing alcohol got this working also.  Whole preoceedure
took about two hours, but I did all of it parked in front of the TV watching
Patriot Games.  Of course, YMMV.

87 5000CS TQ