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Aux gauges (again?)

I apologize if I'm boring everybody out there, but I found one more thing 
last night.  I *promise* that this will be the last unsolicited post on the 
aux gauges subject.

Looked up the '85 Coupes & Q's and found that Audi went to separate power 
and ground for the gauges in '85 and following.  It looks like they went 
so far as to provide a separate ground wire for each gauge.  A single +12 
wire to the fuse box provides power to all of them.  

I know that the digital console gauges have been retrofitted in some cars 
since it is what started me on this quest.  I am wondering if anyone has 
attempted to retrofit the digital dash from the '85 Coupe into an older 
model?  How available are the digital dashes?  Do they look good?

Steve Buchholz