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Internet Roadmap class ... update

I thought I saved all of the direct responses to my previous post on 
the Internet Roadmap class, but since I know I had more responses than 
I found I thought I'd post to the group.  Apologies for the non-quattro 
subject matter.  

It turns out that the series just finished, but it is possible to request
the lessons from the server.  The course is self-paced, and although I'm
a little behind I've found it quite useful.

Steve Buchholz
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     1. If you have any friends or co-workers who were not able
        to participate in the Roadmap workshops, please tell them
        to send an e-mail letter to


        with the command

                       GET MAP PACKAGE F=MAIL

        in the body of their letter. I have set the workshop files
        up so that people can now get the lessons in one week blocks,
        and the GET MAP PACKAGE command will send them two letters
        telling them how to get these "blocks."

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