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RE: Aux gauges (again?)

>Looked up the '85 Coupes & Q's and found that Audi went to separate power
>and ground for the gauges in '85 and following.  It looks like they went
>so far as to provide a separate ground wire for each gauge.  A single +12
>wire to the fuse box provides power to all of them.

Thanks for the tip.

>I know that the digital console gauges have been retrofitted in some cars
>since it is what started me on this quest.  I am wondering if anyone has
>attempted to retrofit the digital dash from the '85 Coupe into an older
>model?  How available are the digital dashes?  Do they look good?

When I went shopping for my coupe GT almost 10 years ago, I remember test 
driving a Commemorative Edition GT, graphite, lipstick red leather and the 
digital dash. On the test drive with the dealer demonstator, the digital 
dash just turned off, then back on. I asked what was going on and the 
salesman said, not to worry, it just happens once in a while. Needless to 
say, my graphite 86 GT has an analog dash.

My inquiry is, has any one  updated to the multifunction computer, in a car 
which didn't have one? I have thought of it, even looked at the wiring 
diagrams, but never went any further.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com