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Re: Q-ship mods & Schrick cams?

  Are you guys that are running Schrick cams in the turbo Audis running a
  special "turbo" cam or the standard atmo Schrick cams? Does Schrick make
  special turbo-only cams?

  Datapoint: the engine builder working on the Killer ur-Quattro Engine
  From Hell project grinds his own cams, what he calles a "WEB" cam. He
  flows the head, intake, etc. and enters data about displacement, bore,
  stroke, compression valve sizes, etc. into a special cam application and
  the computer outputs specs to grind the cam. He welds and re-grinds a
  donor cam to build the "WEB" cam. The SW also will suggest different
  valve sizes, etc. if larger valves are needed. Anyone ever hear of this
  process or have any comment on same?