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O' snow!

Hmmm... another seminar, not gooign to bite on this one... Quickly, yes  the
blocs will shed snow, but at some widths< suspect you're truck buddy here,
the tires actually start to float at higher speeds...  The reason why a Mud
and snow designation is really not optimal for both conditions...  A good
rule is that a snow should have blocks to grab, but they should be slightly
"wet" in their design to throw the snow off at slow speed...  A slow
traveling vehicle will tend to grab snow and hopefully throw off the
blocks... A fast vehicle will tend to make a pattern, but not pick up the
snow...  So get a skinny tire for most snow apps, Hydrophilic compound or HR
rated...  Tested the Hokas,vreds, conticontacts(don't),gt+4 and
pirellip210's...  All are good, The GT+4's were the hot setup back in my
ProRally days (zigzag cross cut), but I've settled on the 210 cuz I tend to
eat sidewalls (tread separation with heavy 5ktq) with the less stiff tires
during my pseudo solitare rallies in northern MI....  For just deep snow tho,
not much beats the Hokas...